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Entry #2

I am fulfilled!

2010-07-12 16:04:28 by RiffReiff

Hooray! After a few weeks i've finally managed to set up an account image (of yours truly) in what should've taken me only a couple days tops! The reason for such a time lapse? Pure lethargy. Well that and i've also been working at my local Giant Eagle for 38 hrs/wk as a stock clerk, and of course the side-effects of physical labor often include... laziness, fatigue, cramps, sore muscles, and strong cases of the fuck-its. (Plus i've also been honing on some drawing skills) Well now i'm finally feeling more like a real Newgrounds member and will be able to start working on my next bit for my page in the next few weeks (as i'm working on an ink drawing for my pa's birthday).


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